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Mythos: The Beginning

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Adventure, RPG, Strategy
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A survival horror RPG inspired by Gothic Horror monster movies of the 1930s like Frankenstein and The Corpse Vanishes!

          Set in London in 1934 at the infamous Harborough Asylum, three young university students have vanished while attempting to conduct a scientific survey of this dreaded place. Now it's up to you to find them. Create your own paranormal investigator from scratch and guide them through a frightening exploration. Throughout the night you'll discover that the asylum's reputation is more than mere urban legend, and you'll have to fight for your life against otherworldly Lovecraftian foes.

          Enjoy the traditional RPG gameplay complete with dialogue trees, skill checks and dice rolls. Use non-combat skills like Persuade, Investigate and Occult Lore to discover new clues. Fight for your survival and solve the mystery!
A unique blend of traditional survival horror and RPG gameplay

Traditional role playing mechanics including dialogue trees, skill checks and dice rolls

Create your own character from scratch including gender, skills and background

Collect clues, fight monsters and solve the mystery of the infamous Harborough Asylum
Windows 8* / 7 / Vista / XP
2 GHz Intel processor or faster
512 MB RAM
DirectX 9.0 or above
256 MB ATI or nVidia or better, or Intel HD Graphics or better integrated card, DirectX 9.0 compatible
200 MB free disk space

*users of Windows 8/Windows 8.1 may experience slowdown in full screen mode if playing with certain mobile processors.
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