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For specific questions, please call our support staff (M-F, 9am-5pm MT) at 303-290-9853 or send an email to:


Hundreds of Great Games at Great Prices
Check out all the games we have to offer, from our famous slot machine games -- including actual casino slots from the world's leading slot machine manufacturers -- and tons of fun casual games to exciting adventures, strategy games, action games and RPGs!  We’ve got something for everybody!  And, at prices starting at $6.99 ($5.99 for Club Masque GOLD members), it’s easier and more affordable than ever to enjoy lots of the games in our offerings!

Download Immediately
Forget the wait... now you can easily buy and download your games immediately!  Just select the ‘PC Download’ button (or the ‘Mac Download’ button if you’re buying a game for your Mac computer), then click the green ‘Buy’ button.  Go through the purchase process, and then immediately start downloading your game.  Within minutes you’ll be able to install and launch your game, so you can start enjoying the fun immediately!

Check out all the downloadable games we have available, click here.

Free 60-minute Trials on select games, with Easy In-game Purchasing & Activation Options
On most of our casual games, we offer a simple Free Trial option where you can quickly download the game right to your computer and start playing immediately without having to buy anything or input any personal information!  Just click the blue ‘Free Trial’ button on a game’s page and begin the download.  Within minutes you’ll be able to install and launch the game, so you can enjoy the fun easily and immediately!  You’ll have 60 minutes to play for Free.

If you decide to purchase the game at any time during the trial (or even after your trial has expired), you can simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button after you launch the game and input all your billing information right there in the game (must have an internet connection to complete the transaction).  No need to revisit our website or re-download the game... just place your order directly in the game’s Buy Now option and it’ll be yours -- fully unlocked and activated -- within seconds!

Check out all the Free Trials we have available, click here.

Unlocking Games
After purchasing your game you'll receive a serial number, which will allow you to fully unlock and play your game. Simply install the game to your machine, launch the game, and once the initial Welcome Screen comes up click the 'Enter Key' button. Enter your serial number (including dashes) and click submit, then within seconds the game will be yours forever. You can install and unlock the game on up to 2 machines. Note, internet access is required to verify your serial number and unlock your game. If you do not have internet access, please call or send an email to our support team (contact information at the top of this page), be sure to include your serial number, and we'll be happy to assist you in manually unlocking your product in just a few easy steps.

Club Masque GOLD -- get Free Shipping, Free Games, Discounts All the Time, and More
Join our Club Masque membership program to keep track of all your orders and make it easier to purchase through our website.  Upgrade to our Club Masque GOLD subscription membership and receive lots of extra benefits, including enough credits for a free game every month, free shipping, discounts all the time, plus other exclusive offers!  Learn more and sign up today by clicking

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